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Camp Connect®

For over a decade, Camp Connect has been an integral part of children's social and emotional development. We would love for your kids to experience this.
Our 2024 Camp Connect schedule and enrollment are now available!

Camp Overview 

A unique summer program focused on building confidence, resilience, empathy, social skills and emotional regulation in a fun, mindful, and active approach for children, ages 5-10

We all want our children to be resilient, healthy and empowered, with the skills and confidence to cope with whatever life brings their way. We want them to feel equipped and ready to face challenges believing in themselves and knowing what they’re capable of. At the core of these important skills lies the child’s ability to love, accept and be kind to themselves. This is the foundation of Camp Connect. 


Camp Connect was created in 2011 to fill a need she was seeing in her play therapy clients— for more guidance and support with social skills and emotional regulation, not just in therapy but in their "real lives" too. Children are dealing with so much in today's world-- the overwhelm can affect their ability to self-regulate and express themselves in empowered, kind, healthy ways. Camp Connect is a chance for them to learn social skills and relationship skills that will serve them for life! 

Here at Camp Connect children, ages 5-8, will spend five fun, interactive mornings playfully learning about feelings, mindfulness, friendship, self-awareness, self-acceptance, personal space, standing up for themselves, teasing, bullying and more. 

We have mastered the art of teaching these critical topics for children’s social development in ways that are engaging, joyful, effective and fun for all. Camp Connect has been an integral part of hundreds of children's lives for years and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Sign up & Details for Camp Connect 2024

Details for all camps:

​Time: 9 am - 1 pm daily​
Cost: $475
Location: Mt. Hope Luth
eran Church 1345 S. Broadway Boulder 80305

Please see our FAQ's to get your questions answered before registering. 

Age 5-7 years old:

June 24-29

Age 5-7 years old:

July 22-26

Age 5-7 years old:

August 5-9

Age 8-10 years old:

July 15-19

Age 8-10 years old:

July 29-Aug 2

What to Expect

Children who participate in Camp Connect walk away...

  • With more skills for relating to peers and adults and resolving conflict peacefully

  • More connected to themselves, more regulated and with more self-awareness

  • More able to articulate how they are feeling and why, making it easier to support them and easier for them to advocate for their needs

  • Better able to stand up for themselves

  • Better able to ask for attention in safe, healthy ways

  • Feeling more confident, courageous and able to trust in themselves

What parents are saying about Camp Connect

"Our 7 year old absolutely loved his week at Camp Connect...We appreciated the practical tools that came home for big emotions. The thoughtful focus of the camps and skill of Sanam and her wonderful team of counselors made our son feel safe and comfortable enough to just have fun and make connections which really seemed to give him a boost of confidence. So happy to have found this camp and will definitely be back!"

Fun at Camp

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