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Frequently Asked Questions

 ( Camp Focus )

What is your 

cancellation policy?

Families can receive a refund, minus $50 processing fee, for all cancellations made up to one month before the start date of camp. Four weeks to two weeks from the start date of camp, families can receive a 50% refund. No refunds available as of two weeks before the start date of camp or for missed days of camp. We do not pro-rate for families who can’t make it to all 5 days of camp.

Is it helpful to return

year after year?

In today's globalized world, chances are you are interacting with people from more than just one country. This is where our multilingual functionality comes into play. Take advantage of this unique capability to expand your reach.

Is this camp geared toward children who have social emotional impairments or delays?

Camp Connect is geared toward all little humans whose families see the importance of social and emotional growth in today’s world. We believe that the next generation’s resilience and emotional intelligence are the key to them thriving in a complex and overwhelming world. Selfishly, we also believe that the world needs the next generations of children to be socially and emotionally developed in the healthiest ways in order to course correct and bring more kindness and peace, one little human at a time.

How do you handle kids with

separation anxiety?

Should my child do more

than one week?

We have campers join us for multiple weeks each year and they express getting a lot out of it. Every group is unique and comes with its own opportunities for social exploration and learning. The curriculum remains similar across week but we offer repeat campers alternate projects and opportunities so that it doesn’t feel redundant.

What are the staff to

camper ratios?

We have a maximum 1 staff : 5 camper ratio, but typically with our wonderful interns, we have 1 staff member to every 3 or 4 children. All staff members support all the campers. See below if your child has special needs and would require more individual attention so we can determine if Camp Connect is a good fit for them.

My child is neurodivergent or has special needs, will this camp be able to support them?

We strive for inclusivity and love our neurodivergent and special needs friends very much. That said, we need to make sure we have the staff capacity to ensure that every campers’ needs for safety and attention are being met. If your child tends to struggle with keeping their body safe in other environments, and/or if your child has a hard time in structured environments where there are planned activities (i.e. “high demand” environments such as a sport or class), please contact us before registering so we can talk this through and determine together whether Camp Connect is a good fit and whether we can support your child in the way they deserve. We want every child to feel safe and successful at Camp Connect.

We want all children who attend Camp Connect to feel safe and secure. Our staff contains highly trained therapists and educators as the lead instructors. We are there to help your child transition and monitor how they are feeling and doing throughout the day. We ask that parents let us know if their child has big fears upon separation so that we can make a thoughtful plan to help your child feel safe and successful.

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